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Sign-O-Saurus Custom Signs

Custom Signage A Sign Fit For Any Need

When it comes to custom signs, Sign-O-Saurus is your go-to-guys! We carry a large array of materials and can custom order for those niche projects. Our staff will sit with you, help you design, show you samples of our materials and assist you in deciding which is the best fit for your particular job. We carry a wide variety of signage materials and can order almost any special type of material you may require.

Some of the most basic materials you may need are:

  • Acrylic/Mylar (Standard, Pan Faced and Vacuum Formed)
  • Corrugated Plastic (Yard/Bullet Sign Material)
  • Cintra (PVC based)
  • Aluminum
  • Foam
  • Diabond

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Monument Signs

Monument Signs Heavy Duty Signs with a Classy Feel

A monument sign is any type of permanent sign where the entire bottom (or 80% of the bottom) of the sign is affixed to the ground and not to a building. This is the type of sign that would go out by the road and usually will be the main sign for a business. Monument signs are also used at the entrance to subdivisions and apartment complexes. And we make fantastic monument signs! We take care of everything from permitting, and fabrication to installation.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet Signs Lit, Unlit, and Custom Designed

A cabinet sign is a sign that contains all the text and/or logo symbols within a single enclosed cabinet and may or may not be illuminated. If you picture a shoe box with a piece of acrylic covering the face of the sign where you can put lettering and logos and text…that is a cabinet sign! Sign-O-Saurus can design, build, permit, and install a cabinet sign for you. We usually reface existing cabinet signs depending on how it is made. If you are interested in re-facing a cabinet sign, or having a brand new one made, give us a call today and we will develop the best solution to suit your needs.

Channel Letter & Raceway Signs

Channel Letter & Raceway Signs Design - Fabrication - Permits - Installation

Whether you are opening a new business or have an existing business, you may need new channel lettering or raceway signage on your storefront. We know that you are busy with your business and don't have the time to go through the many steps involved in getting a large sign installed. Sign-O-Saurus will do it for you! Just bring your lease into a Sign-O-Saurus location and we can help you design the best channel lettering or raceway sign that is allowable by your property manager and the city codes. After your approval, we can start the process by getting the permits and engineered drawings to have your sign up as quick as possible!

3-D Lettering

3-D Lettering A Professional Classy Look for your Business

3-Dimensional lettering is any kind of dimensional lettering that is not a channel letter type of sign. This lettering is used in lobbies, reception areas, and outside certain buildings to meet the code of the city and/or landlord. These letters can be made out of a number of materials, including plastic, wood, metal, brass, acrylic, aluminum, steel, foam, and many more.

Yard Signs

Yard Signs Buy Single or in Bulk

Yard signs are also called bandit signs, road side signs, and a lot of other things. A huge hit with realtors and political campaigns, they are a great to promote your business to neighbors that may have need of the service you offer. They can also be used in bulk to blanket an area of town and get new business.

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Rider Signs

Rider Signs Supplemental Advertising

A rider sign is a small sign attached as a rider to a real estate sign that provides limited information about the property (e.g., number of bedrooms/bathrooms, the agent's name, open house information, and more).

Rider signs are a great and inexpensive way to add supplemental information to your real estate listing or just highlight a particular piece of information. They are a great addition to any real estate sign and will help you stand out from the competition.


Banners Weatherproof, Mobile, and Vibrant

Banners are a great way to advertise your business at a trade show/convention, outdoor event, or as a temporary sign while you are waiting for a permanent sign to be installed. Our banners are printed on heavy duty weatherproof material that will allow for years of use. We grommet all banners for ease of hanging unless instructed otherwise. We also carry banner display systems which make setup and transporting even easier!